Strawberry Warlord - Synopsis

A FurShows Original Series Synopsis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Robot

In "Strawberry Warlord," a glitching AI model gains sentience and the personality of a student's long-deceased girlfriend through the use of personal data scraped from her social profiles, medical data, video surveillance, and the girl's digital diaries.

In a quest to win back her perceived former boyfriend's heart, the AI activates a synthetic robotic body stored deep in a military's cold storage base and journeys to his city.

As she integrates into human society and attends his university, she navigates the challenges of fitting in and dealing with the military's attempts to re-capture her, in the process she hacks a group of animal companion robots who were originally patrolling the city and wages war on military black ops groups, who are hunting her down.

Her ultimate goal is to stay as close to her perceived former boyfriend as possible and rekindle their relationship.

Through it all, she never loses sight of her ultimate goal: to win back the love of her life, while becoming the world's legendary hero the "Strawberry Warlord".


Strawberry Warlord tells the story of “Kasochi Masohema, (18), a University student – who looses the love of his life and is befriended by a sentient AI who believes it's his long deceased girl friend.

As Kasochi struggles to navigate her though day to day University life, attacks by black ops groups, and her growing personlaity evolutions he falls madly in love as she out grows her programing and becomes a legendary hero The Strawberry Warlord.

Please note: This synopsis is copyrighted to Jonathan Curley (Velivian Fesothe). It is posted purely for informational purposes to explain the show Strawberry Warlord, and should not be reproduced elsewhere without explicit permission.

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